“We’re not your grandma’s aluminum company”

When you talk about a permanent aluminum patio cover these days, many people have a negative image of the old, outdated patio covers of the past with that industrial look – and all the styrofoam birdplugs to keep the birds from roosting.

Not so with the Exclusive “New Style” Patio Cover by Giant Factory Direct. Our patio cover has a beveled edge on the sides of our pan and deep grooves to match in the center offering a bead board look from underneath. We have bigger posts, beams, for BIGGER spans and a more open unit.

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Our gutter is moved off the end of the pan allowing room to clean leaves and debris without taking the thing apart or drilling a hole in the end of the gutter and putting a cork in it (this actually happens). Giant Factory Direct has an A Rating with the B.B.B. and has expanded to a new facility.