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Giant Factory Direct’s exclusive “Classic Bead Board” Flat pan patio cover is an affordable option to cover any deck, concrete slab, carport, basement well, or just about any area you want protected from the harmful elements and excessive uncontrollable water flow in areas that cause foundation or ground erosion issues.

Enjoy These Great Benefits!

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  • Protect the investment in your vehicle.
  • Walk from your house to car while raining without getting wet. Groceries, presents…
  • Don’t be late for work wasting time scraping the frost or snow off your windows.
  • Less snow to shovel this winter.
  • Cooler car to get into in hot summer sun.
  • Car door and house door not frozen shut in ice storms.
  • Dog and cat hang out area without dragging all the dirt, rain and snow in on their paws.
  • Kids, Elderly and ice.
  • Affordable Financing Options